Dr. Inna Strugatsky


Dr. Inna Strugatsky’s Brief Bio:

Since my early days of practicing Medicine, I’ve seen that patients were being prescribed medications for their ailments but not improving and some even getting sicker. This led me search out integrative functional therapies, looking for root causes of illnesses and then combining the best of allopathic and functional medicine tailored to each patient.  After Board certification in Internal Medicine and in Integrative Holistic Medicine, I began working in an Integrative Functional Medicine Clinic. My special interests are gut health, autoimmune and metabolic diseases.  My approach includes extensive laboratory testing, genetic analysis, nutritional evaluation and comprehensive stool testing. I use a blend of lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations, nutritional and herbal supplementation and bioidentical hormone optimization.  

I am joining Dr. Hathaway’s practice 1 day per week. This may well turn into more time later.