Dr. Inna Strugatsky


Dr. Inna Strugatsky’s Brief Bio:

Since my early days of practicing Medicine, I noticed that while patients were being prescribed medications for their ailments, many seemed to be not improving or even were getting sicker. This led me down the path of integrative and complementary therapies, looking for the root cause of illnesses and combining the best of allopathic and functional medicine to take care of the patient.  After getting my Board certification in Integrative Holistic Medicine in addition to Board Certification in Internal Medicine I started working as an Integrative Functional Medicine doctor. My special interests are gut health, autoimmune diseases, cognitive health and bioidentical hormones therapy. My approach includes laboratory testing, analyzing genetic SNPs, nutritional and comprehensive stool testing among others. I use a blend of dietary recommendations, nutritional and herbal supplementation, BHRT as well as lifestyle changes and other novel therapies.