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On an initial visit I need to spend a considerable period of time with a patient to begin the exchange that will enable us to discover the root causes of his or her condition. Most patients find that we need this amount of time to do this type of in depth work.

  • Fees: Usual 1st visit fee is $620.00 ( for 1 1/2 hours) $775.00(for 2 hrs)
  • You may request a 1 hour 1st appointment with a fee of $435.00
  • Follow up visits are at the hourly rate of $435 per hour (15 min $110, 1/2 hour $220, 3/4 hour $375)
  • I also provide phone consultations, by appointment, billed at the same rate of $435.00 per hour and portions of an hour billed as above.  For brief questions, when the phone call is less than 5 minutes there is no charge.
  • Bredesen Protocol Consultation Fees:  1 hour $500, 1 1/2 hour $700, 2 hours $860.


Our office does not bill for any type of insurance. However, we do provide a “superbill” receipt that you can submit to your insurance company, which includes the information and codes required by insurers for reimbursement.

I also do phone consultations with people who live out of the area, as long as they have a primary care physician in their own area. In preparation for a consult, patients send me a copy of their most recent history and physical (within the past two years), and the name of their physician.

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