Dr Ann Hathaway MD has been successfully treating women and men with bioidentical hormones and other natural remedies since 1995. She is a member of the prestigious Institute for Functional Medicine and is a director of the Orthomolecular Health Medicine Board.

She was board certified in Family Practice Medicine in 1983 and practiced conventional medicine for many years until she became disenchanted with the “prescription to cover up the symptom” for every ailment. She found that her own health issues and her children’s, her parents, and friends did not have satisfactory solutions in conventional medicine. She began to search and explore for better answers and eventually found organizations of physicians like her who were striving for real answers. In addition to the organizations listed above she attended meetings of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dr Hathaway graduated summa cum laude from the University of California Berkeley in 1975, the University of California Medical School in San Francisco in 1979, and completed her residency in Family Practice in 1983 at Natividad Medical Center of Monterey County, California.

Professional Publication: 
Women, Estrogen, Cognition, and Alzheimer’s Disease
by Ann Hathaway MD
Published in Townsend Letter, June 2012

 About Ann Hathaway MD:

In 1995 I opened a new practice emphasizing functional, nutrition-based medicine in the care of men, women, and children. After experiencing significant frustration with conventional medicine to address my own or my patient’s medical issues I began an intensive search for solutions. After reviewing medical research, meeting with experts and attending educational meetings of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine and The American College for the Advancement of Medicine I created a new medical practice.

I use an in-depth approach to medicine begins with an exploration of the root causes of the patient’s specific condition. I believe every individual is unique in terms of genetics, health history, body chemistry, environmental exposures, stress, nutrition, exercise habits, and many other factors. My approach focuses on identifying the root cause(s) that need to be addressed to resolve the illness and restore health.  I investigate and implement cutting edge medical and nutritional knowledge generally overlooked by other busy doctors is the foundation of my practice.

I work with awareness that physical symptoms can be linked to emotional, cognitive or learning problems. Physical symptoms can be a message that diet and environment may be adversely affecting both the body and the brain. Mind and body are not separate. If the body is sick it can make the brain sick and if the brain is sick it can make the body sick.

Our work together is a collaborative effort—one in which both doctor and patient contribute significantly to the decisions that are made. My goal is to increase healthy life span, often substituting dietary alterations, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements for medications that are causing significant side effects.  We are seeking health as a positive vitality not merely the absence of disease.

Patient Testimonials

  • Dr Hathaway’s approach to medicine should be a model for all physicians. I have had a long term undiagnosed illness that has been completely  disregarded by traditional medicine…….If you’re tired of doctors making  guesses about your health and prescribing drugs to treat only your symptoms without looking for or treating the cause of those symptoms, then integrated functional medicine might be exactly what you’re needing.  –VK
  • I have been a long term patient of Dr. Hathaway, approaching 6 years. As a busy, active mother of 3 and also a working woman who was approaching peri-menopause… I got myself into her office the first time that I recognized the pending signs of hormone imbalance. We never skipped a beat; putting into action a wonderful hormone plan……. supplements and vitamins suited to my needs and lifestyle.  –Barb B

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