Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Hathaway is thorough, comprehensive & compassionate in her practice. I have been under her care for many years. She has “fine tuned my hormones,” supported me medically through double knee replacement when my surgeon was unresponsive. She pays close attention to the subtle nuances necessary for maintaining a healthy body. I appreciate her collaborative approach and her commitment to her profession.
    Sharon A.
  • Dr Hathaway’s approach to medicine should be a model for all physicians. I have had a long term undiagnosed illness that has been completely disregarded by traditional medicine…….If you’re tired of doctors making guesses about your health and prescribing drugs to treat only your symptoms without looking for or treating the cause of those symptoms, then integrated functional medicine might be exactly what you’re needing.
  • Dr. Hathaway has been of tremendous help in assisting me to overcome a number of long standing chronic ailments. The primary issue was an overly sensitive digestive system. I have tried different diets, sought advice from several MD’s including a gastroenterologist – all to no avail. Dr.  Hathaway’s approach was simple and effective…. and in several months I considered myself cured and have been well now for four years.
    Emil B
  • For the last ten years Dr. Hathaway has successfully prescribed natural remedies to cure my hormone imbalances, osteoporosis, weight loss, high cholesterol, and high blood sugars. Conventional medicine was not able to balance my health the way Dr. Hathaway has been able to do. The main-stream physicians often discounted my concerns, and seemed to have a one-size-fits all prescription which didn’t work for me at all!!
    Carol B
  • I have been a long term patient of Dr. Hathaway, approaching 6 years. As a busy, active mother of 3 and also a working woman who was approaching peri-menopause…. I got myself into her office the first time that I recognized the pending signs of hormone imbalance. We never skipped a beat; putting into action a wonderful hormone plan……. supplements and vitamins suited to my needs and lifestyle.
    Barb B
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Hathaway’s since 2005 and continue to consult with her by phone and on occasional visits back to California even though I moved to the East Coast in 2007. After a devastating and undiagnosed (for a year) thyroid condition, my body was trashed. I worked with three  integrated physicians, all wonderful, but finally settled on Dr. Hathaway. Beyond supporting me in recovering from the Hashimoto’s, she has been instrumental in helping me address life long depression.
    Cynthia I