Men’s Health


Sometimes called male andropause, men, like women, can suffer age related changes in their hormone levels. By the time they are 60 most men will produce 60% less testosterone than when they were 20. The consequences can include depression, sexual dysfunction, mild cognitive impairment, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Some men may not realize that their loss of interest in their work, lack of social interest, loss of libido, and frequent irritability may not be midlife crisis or “just getting old”. It may be low testosterone. Maybe the total testosterone is in the normal range, so you must also check the FREE testosterone level, which is the actual available testosterone. It may be very low even with a normal testosterone level. I prescribe testosterone replacement as a topical gel for men (or women) on an individual basis after a full assessment. If testosterone is prescribed the patient must be aware of possible side effects along with all the benefits and get regular labs done to be sure their testosterone, prostate and other levels are optimal. In addition the nutritional and herbal remedies below can be helpful in boosting testosterone or testosterone like effects in the body.

Zinc 15-30 mg
Chrysin 1500 mg /d
Nettle root 300mg
Muira puama 800mg (rainforest herbal aphrodisiac)
Maca, doses vary
Norway Spruce lignan extract, doses vary